Man pulls gun on woman at traffic jam, report says

A 29-year-old woman told Myrtle Beach police a passenger from a car blocking an intersection at Harrelson Boulevard Friday afternoon got out and pointed a gun at her, according to a police report.

Myrtle Beach authorities met with the woman about 6 p.m. at the police station on Oak Street where she reported the incident.

She told police she was headed west on Harrelson Boulevard and stopped when she arrived at the light at the intersection of Harrelson and the northbound exit onto U.S. 17.

She said a vehicle in front of her with South Carolina tags was trying to make a u-turn from a non-turn lane. She said the vehicle wouldn’t move even as traffic stopped, and drivers behind her began honking their horns, the report says. She then made a gesture to other drivers indicating she couldn’t go.

She told police she then saw what looked like a gun hanging from the passenger side window of the vehicle in front of her. She said she thought the driver may have been held at gunpoint, but then noticed the driver laughing.

She said a man then got out of the passenger side, walked up to her vehicle, pointed a gun and repeatedly said “what the [expletive] are you going to do,” according to the report.

The woman gave the vehicle’s tag number to police, the report stated.