‘I’m going to throw you over,’ man reportedly tells wife in hotel balcony dispute

“I will kill you,” a witness told police she heard a man say as she watched him fight with a woman on a hotel balcony around 1 a.m. Sunday. Then, she said she heard him tell the woman pressed against the railing, “I’m going to throw you over.”

The witness called police.

The woman who called told officers she was walking back to her hotel room from the beach when she heard a female scream and saw the two struggling on the balcony of the Holiday Sands South hotel, according to a Myrtle Beach police report. The witness said she saw the man, identified in the report as 35-year-old Brian Lee Thomas, pressing the woman up against the railing as he threatened to throw her over.

“The witness then said the victim was able to get away from him and move to the corner of the balcony,” officers stated in the report. “She said that the offender took a plastic chair and it appeared that he broke it over the victims head. She said that he then (started) grabbing her by the hair and was pushing her face into the railing.”

Hotel security helped officers locate the room involved in the domestic dispute. Thomas was arrested and charged with second-degree domestic violence, after police say he also choked the victim during the fight.

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