‘I own Myrtle Beach and Horry County,’ said angry car wash customer sprayed with soap

An employee at a Myrtle Beach car wash said that one customer, who didn’t roll up his window before the wash began, came back and threatened him when the wash was over.

“I own Myrtle Beach and Horry County,” the angry car wash customer reportedly said in a Myrtle Beach police report. “I do what I want and I know all the cops.”

The employee at Detrick’s Car Wash told police that the man, only identified in the report as a 20-30 year old “large black male,” made those remarks after getting hit with some of the cleaner used in the wash. The driver’s side window of the man’s car was still down when he entered the wash, according to the report.

The employee said that as the man was leaving the location, “he raised an object from the console of the vehicle and moved it towards the steering wheel. The victim thought it was possibly a gun but that it could have also been a knife or a stick,” the report stated.

Another employee who had left the car wash before police arrived said he thought the man raised a magazine from a gun, according to the report. No one on scene was able to positively identify the object as being a firearm.

Police noted that the onsite security cameras provided a “good picture of the male and his vehicle” and that the tag of the car was registered to a woman in Georgetown County, according to the report.

Emily Weaver: 843-444-1722, @TSNEmily