A 4-year-old slept as shots rang out. Then police found drugs in her diaper bag, report says

Arrests were made Monday after a suspect allegedly opened fire inside a Myrtle Beach apartment in the same room where a 4-year-old girl slept, according to police reports.

No one was injured in the shooting, and police have arrested one suspect in the incident. The victims were also arrested after “large amounts” of marijuana were found during a search of the apartment, police said.

Marshall Sterling Broaddus, 20, is facing three counts of attempted murder, three kidnapping charges, first-degree burglary, armed robbery, failure to stop for blue lights, and weapons charges in connection with the incident, jail records show.

Kosmeek Shamir Wilson, 25, is charged with cocaine trafficking, drugs/manufacture, possession of Sch. I, II, III, and unlawful neglect of a child, Myrtle Beach Jail records show.

Amanda Rose Kelly, 25, is charged with drugs /manufacture, possession of other sub. Sch. I, II, III, according to online records.

Myrtle Beach police were called about 12:40 a.m. Monday to an apartment on the 300 block of 12th Avenue North in reference to shots fired.

A witness at the scene told police he heard multiple shots ring out from the apartment. When he stepped outside, he saw two men running down stairs toward the parking lot. One of the men was armed with a handgun, according to the witness. The two men jumped into a vehicle and headed to Withers Drive, police said.

Police spoke with Wilson, who said the suspects knocked on his door and asked if they could purchase his handgun. He invited the suspects inside and said he didn’t want to sell them his gun, according to the report. He then unloaded it and handed it to one of the suspects to look at, the report states.

While looking at Wilson’s gun, one of the suspects, listed as Broaddus in the report, pulled a gun from his waist and started shooting at Wilson and Kelly before fleeing with Wilson’s handgun, police said. Two pistol rounds were fired during the incident, officers said.

A 4-year-old child slept in a bed in the same room where the shooting happened, according to the report.

While officers spoke with Wilson and Kelly, the suspects’ car was pulled over by a patrolling officer, but the suspects weren’t inside, the report says.

Officers at the scene of the shooting said they saw a handgun magazine on the ground in front of the door and a shell casing. Crime scene inspectors were then called as well as a detective.

Police were given consent to search the apartment, and crime scene officers said they found “large amounts of a green leafy substance throughout the apartment, including in child’s diaper bag, the report states.

Authorities said it tested positive for marijuana, and because big quantities were allegedly found inside the room and within reach of the child, along with the fact of the shooting incident, both Wilson and Kelly were charged with unlawful conduct toward a child, police said.

During a search of the home, police said they discovered one bag and two clear containers with 45 grams of marijuana inside the child’s diaper bag, a separate police report detailing the arrest of Wilson and Kelly states.

Police searched Wilson and said they found three separate bags of a white, rock substance that field tested positive for cocaine, and weighed about 14.1 grams, the report states.

Wilson’s bond was set at $20,000, and he was taken transported to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center, according to the Myrtle Beach Clerk of Court. Kelly was released from the Myrtle Beach Jail on $10,000 bond.

Broaddus’ bond was set at $460,000, and he was also taken J. Reuben Long Detention Long Detention Center, a Myrtle Beach Clerk of Court administrator said.

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