Horry County fire, police investigate possible arson

An Horry County officer was on patrol early Friday morning on S.C. 548 in the Conway area when a cloud of smoke drifted across the roadway, according to a report.

The officer said they smelled wood burning and saw flames under a home. The officer alerted dispatchers and asked that Horry County Fire Rescue come to the blazing home.

Officers then investigated to see if anyone was inside, but didn’t find anyone, and a neighbor later told them the occupants had moved out, according to the report.

Horry County fire crews arrived and began extinguishing the blaze.

“Horry County fire investigators responded to the scene, determined that the residence had signs of an intentional fire, and determined it was possible arson,” the report states.

Horry County fire and police are continuing to investigate, according to the report.