He gave a man money, but he came back asking for more and pulled out a gun, report says

A 34-year-old man told police a man who he gave money to left, but came back asking for more, then pulled out a gun, according to an incident report.

Myrtle Beach officers were called about midnight Monday to South Kings Highway gas station where the victim told police about the robbery he said happened at the Landmark Hotel at 1501 S. Ocean Blvd, the report states.

The victim told police he had just gotten off work and was sitting under a canopy area in his vehicle waiting for his phone to charge when the suspect came to his door and asked for some change.

The victim told the suspect he didn’t have any change, but the suspect continued to ask, and the victim gave him $5, police said. The victim said the suspect walked away, but came back a few minutes later.

The suspect then started reaching into the passenger side of the vehicle, the report says. He stopped and apologized when the victim asked him to and said he needed more money, authorities said. The suspect then pointed a gun at the victim, according to the report.

The victim said he drove off and met with police after seeing the gun. Police said the incident remains under investigation, the report says.