Mother says Satan responsible for possible murder/suicide in Horry County

Betty Bellamy said Satan is behind a shooting that left three dead, including her son, a 40-year-old woman and a 10-month-old baby early Saturday morning.

A 2-year-old child was also injured during the incident and taken to a hospital, but the toddler’s condition was still unknown late Saturday afternoon.

“If it weren’t for Satan they would still be alive today,” said Bellamy, who said she is a Christian and believes the devil is responsible for the shooting death of her son, his girlfriend, Kristina Burroughs, and Burroughs’ 10-month-old niece, Justice Burroughs.

She said she and her husband had been busy praising the lord when the actions that Horry County police are calling a possible murder/suicide unfolded, resulting in tragic loss at a home down the road from hers on Martin Luther Drive in the Bucksport area.

“I was praising the lord. Singing, praising the lord, and the devil was busy,” she said. “The devil got mad because we were praising the lord.”

Bellamy said she didn’t know what happened at the home leading up to the violence, or if Davis and Burroughs, who she said had been together on and off for years, had been fighting.

The mother of 10 said she always has an open ear ready to listen to any of her kids, but didn’t know what took place in the home or why. She said she always tells her children to simply walk away if there’s trouble.

Horry County police were called shortly after midnight to the home in reference to a possible murder-suicide, according to Lt. Raul Denis with Horry County police.

Officers discovered multiple victims in the home. Davis, Kristina Burroughs and Justice Burroughs were all pronounced dead at the scene. Their cause of death is still under investigation, police said.

Tamara Willard, Chief Deputy Coroner with the Horry County Coroner’s Office, said all the victims lived together and were all shot. An autopsy is scheduled for them Sunday, she said.

Thomasena Hunt, a relative who lives next door, said she was awoken around 12:30 a.m. to “probably 30 gunshots.”

Hunt said she saw the police coming when she left her home to see what happened.

“This is the first time I’ve ever heard anybody say anything about them arguing,” said Hunt, who added she’s been living nearby for two years. “It was really tragic.”

Hunt said she’s never seen police at the house.

Joanne Davis, who identified herself as Keith Davis’ sister, said she grew up with Kristina Burroughs and they were friends.

Burroughs was a good, hard-working woman, Davis said.

Police have not revealed any details concerning the cause of death, but Davis said that though she still loves her brother, she is really angry with him.

“It ain’t about him,” she said. “He’s deceased now and that’s where he needs to be. … He should not have took their lives. … He’s where he’s supposed to be at.”

Police have not said who fired the gun or who is responsible for the loss of three lives.

“My heart don’t go out to him right now, but I still love him because he’s my brother, but I also love them [other victims] too,” Joanne Davis said.

Bellamy, Davis’ mother, said she first thought the house was on fire when tragedy struck, but was told by another family member there that her son and the others were dead.

“I guess I kinda lost it for minute,” she said of her reaction to the news. She said she hadn’t slept since she found out.

She described her son as a good person. Another family member at her home said Keith Davis was always making them laugh and loved to rap and dance.

Teary-eyed family members gathered in clusters at homes along Martin Luther Drive, comforting each other and all saying they were shocked by the sudden loss of three lives.

None knew what exactly happened in the home or why.

“I feel bad it had to go down like that, but I’m still gonna love him,” Bellamy said of her son. “I’m still going to trust in God for my miracles.”

She said she has lost children before, and will be relying on God and her family to pull her through the tragedy.

Elizabeth Townsend: 843-626-0217, @TSN_etownsend