2 top Wedgefield HOA members ousted

Residents and property owners of Georgetown County's Wedgefield Plantation voted Wednesday to oust the property owner's association president and vice president because of the board's handling of the association's finances.

One of the biggest issues that has divided the community of almost 600 houses, townhomes and condominiums has been dredging canals that adjoin 81 lots. The dredging would cost about $1.2 million and would benefit a small percentage of Wedgefield Plantation property owners. There also is a question of who owns and is responsible for maintaining the canals - whether it's the state or the Wedgefield Plantation Association.

Both WPA president Karl Gettmann and vice president Jude Davis supported funding the dredging.

"It was mostly poor business practices that motivated the vote," said George Wilson, a sitting member of the current WPA board. "They have put us more than $800,000 in debt for something that will not benefit everyone. There are just too many shady deals."

Wilson said even current board members are denied access to pertinent information.

"We don't even know how much money is in our account," he said. "We have not been able to see the books."

The vote was 230 to 14 to recall Gettmann and Davis, said Bob Garrison, who was in charge of the voting.

Gettmann and Davis will be sent certified letters regarding the vote and the board should have a reorganization meeting in the next few days, Wilson said.

"I am going to expect them to fight it," Wilson said.

In August, the WPA's board voted 5-4 to raise property owners' annual fees an additional $175 dollars a year for five years for all 577 lots, and an additional $5,000 one-time assessment on each of the 81 lots that border the canal. Property owners have until March 4 to pay the fee. Those who don't pay may have liens placed on their homes.