Primary will decide Georgetown District 6 seat

The race to fill the Georgetown County Council District 6 seat representing Pawleys Island is likely to end when votes are counted June 8.

Two Republicans - home design company owner Bob Anderson and retired judge Barry McCall - will face off in the primary. No Democrat has filed to run for the seat.

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The Sun News sent questionnaires to both candidates asking them about issues important to Pawleys Island and Georgetown County, such as bringing in more jobs and impact fees.

Here are their responses:

Question | What should be done to fix the transportation problem for Sandy Island residents?

Anderson | I don't believe that there is a transportation problem. The people who live on the island are there by choice. The isolation is probably a large factor in their choosing to live there. A change in accessibility to the island would most likely have a major impact on the island's lifestyle.

McCall | First and foremost, find out what the people of Sandy Island want and support their wishes. I can see only three possible solutions. One would be a bridge, the other would be a cable lift across the river, or a ferry.

Q | What ideas do you have to bring jobs to Georgetown County?

Anderson | I would like to undertake a feasibility study to investigate the effect of lowering the property taxes on boats. We live in a county bordered on the east by the ocean. We have two seaports, five rivers, Winyah Bay, and the [Intracoastal Waterway]. I believe that low boat property taxes will bring an influx of permanent boat owners to Georgetown County and, in turn, bring new marine-related businesses and new jobs.

McCall | Georgetown County is blessed with beautiful beaches, rivers, deep water port, golf courses, fishing and all the history of the coast. I would like to see river tours, coastal tours and a cruise ship line based in Georgetown. This would open up service industry supply and small business opportunities. We have to bring the tourists in, make them happy, entertain them, feed them and house them.

Q | What would you do to support dredging at the Port of Georgetown?

Anderson | At this time, I don't know enough about what is currently being done on this issue to have any ideas that might be of assistance.

McCall | We have one of the most beautiful rivers from the jetties to Georgetown. I would support dredging. I would stay in contact with our senators and congressmen in order to stay on top of the list for all possible dredging permits and any grants that would be available.

Q | Do you support impact fees? Why or why not?

Anderson | We should impose a moratorium on the fees in June of this year. If, at some point, there is an upswing of the economy, impact fees should be readdressed, but the fees should be the same countywide. There should be no one exempt from the fees; there should not be any impact fees on commercial properties; and above all, they should be reasonable.

McCall | I do not support the fee as it stands. I believe it needs to be revised. The timing could not have been at a worse time with the economy as it is. We need more input from the public [to] readjust and solve the problems that it has created in building and real estate.

Q | Do you think the "Hammock Coast" is the best branding solution for Georgetown County? Why or why not?

Anderson | I do not claim to be a marketing expert, so I can only comment as a resident. I have always used "The Lowcountry" to identify our area of the country when traveling, but "Hammock Coast" is fine if the marketing experts think we need a new label.

McCall | No. If we still made hammocks in Georgetown County, it might make a difference. We have survived for over 200 years with a name, and that name is Georgetown County.

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