Georgetown students get international lesson

GEORGETOWN-- Georgetown High School is one of the few schools in the state to have an international sister schools agreement.

The school, has partnered with Egaa Gymnasium in Aarhus, Denmark, to share curriculum and host cultural exchange programs. "Gymnasium" is the Danish word for high school.

In order to start the process, Jeremy Switzer, an English and German teacher at Egaa Gymnasium, visited Georgetown High School Thursday and Friday meeting with teachers, students and district staff to try to find opportunities for shared learning.

The initative was started by Georgetown High School Science Teacher David Wylie, who wanted to expose his students to the global community in an engaging way. Wylie, himself is from New Zealand.

"It's about awareness," Wylie said. "You know live in a world of technology. So the world has shrunk. We are now in a global economy.So it is more important that you are at least aware. An appreciation for other societies and other cultures, specifically Denmark is what we're after."

The educational sharing is expected to start in the 2010-2011 school year. About 30 students from Denmark are expected to visit in March or April of 2011, Switzer said.

For more see Saturday's edition of The Sun News.