Visitor to local school stalled by ash cloud

The impact of ash from an Icelandic volcano has drifted to Georgetown.

Danish teacher Jeremy Howard Switzer was to have been in Georgetown today as part of a sister schools initiative, but he learned Tuesday his was among the hundreds of European flights grounded by the April 14 eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, said David Wylie, Georgetown High School science teacher.

Switzer teaches English and German at Egaa Gymnasium High School near Aarhus in Denmark.

He was to meet with Georgetown teachers about possible curriculum partnership opportunities and cultural exchange programs.

It could be another three weeks before Switzer can get another flight, Wylie said.

The school expected to host Switzer for two days, and planned to welcome him with a rain barrel students had painted with the Danish flag.

The school's students paint artwork on the rain barrels, which they sell for $90, to help increase awareness about eco-friendly practices.

If the exchange program is established, it could involve exchanging letters with Danish students, bi-school art competitions, and shared classes by webcam, Wylie said.

"If this had happened after we had set it up, we could have used webcams to learn about [the volcano] in the classrooms and how it was affecting life there," Wylie said.