Audit shows Waccamaw EOC Board misconduct

The State's Office of Economic Opportunity is recommending the removal of Waccamaw Opportunity Council's board members who have allegedly used their position on the board to secure favors for friends and acquaintances, according to a preliminary audit.

The Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council provides funding and administers services such as home weatherization programs in Horry, Georgetown and Williamsburg counties.

Several of Waccamaw EOC's board members have abused their power on the board, according to the preliminary audit release March 26.

Chairman Zach Grate questioned staff as to why a former co-worker of his was not hired and requested justification, according to the audit.

Several staff have filed grievances against board member Abdullah Mustafa "citing that he has repeatedly harassed them in order to have services provided for apparent friends, family, or others he would personally send to the office for service," said the preliminary audit.

Grate also asked other board members and the Waccamaw EOC director to withhold compliance documents from the state.

Refusal to comply could lead to the EOC losing its grant funding.

Other issues facing the Waccamaw EOC found in the audit include:

Failing to address staff grievances

Lack of economic, racial and geographical diversity on its boards and committees.