The ‘trickster’ of SC CARES

Loki at SC CARES
Loki at SC CARES

Loki is a beautiful, large quarter horse who came to live at SC CARES the first of August this year.

She was very loved and cared for but her human family began dealing with serious medical issues and they were unable to continue to take care of her. Loki is currently 25 years old, which, for horses, is getting up there in age. Five years prior, Loki contracted what’s called “EPM,” a neurological disease that’s contracted through contact with wildlife excrement. She was treated medically and all that could be done was but she was left with nerve damage in her hind legs. This issue causes her to be wobbly in her rear end so getting around is bit worrisome sometimes. When Loki arrived we asked our vets come out to check her and it was discovered that not only did she have residuals from EPM but also was riddled with arthritis. This sweet girl still has a lot of spirit (hence the name “Loki” meaning trickster) and wants to enjoy life so we opted to put her on monthly treatments for arthritis. It’s a bit costly but it seems to have helped her. In a later exam the vet took some radiographs and saw that the soles of her feet are very thin, yet another reason she doesn’t move around as well as she’d like, so we’re in the process of getting some shoes on her to help alleviate any pain she may have due to that reason.

I know what some of you may be thinking, she’s old and has so many issues why would we keep doing all of this for her? If you meet her, you’d know why! She is still spunky and has a wonderful personality and is still true to her name getting into anything she can. Loki is what SC CARES is all about; giving them the best care we can for as long as we can! If you’d like to meet Loki and the other residents of SC CARES please contact us for a tour at 843-546-7893.

Want to help?

To help support Loki and the others go to or donations can be mailed to SC CARES 236 Abbeville Drive, Georgetown, SC 29440