Here’s your chance at a unique sight as the animals of Goat Island return to MarshWalk

Goats taken off boat after evacuating “Goat Island” in Murrells Inlet

Goats are taken off a Murrells Inlet Fishing Charters boat after being evacuated from "Goat Island."
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Goats are taken off a Murrells Inlet Fishing Charters boat after being evacuated from "Goat Island."

Here they goat again.

The goats that seasonally inhabit Goat Island on the MarshWalk in Murrells Inlet will be back on their turf Monday, according to a Facebook post by East Coast BrewBoat, which will escort the animals to their island.

“Have you ever seen a goat on a boat? Here’s your chance!” the Facebook post reads. “Come down to [Drunken Jack’s] this Monday around [10 a.m.] to see the BrewBoat give the goats a lift to their private island.”

The goats have inhabited the island for more than 20 years as the owners of Drunken Jack’s put them there to help keep the underbrush down, according to Drunken Jack’s website. They are taken to the island in mid-spring and removed during late fall.

“The goats get to spend their summer vacation months on an all-inclusive island with fresh food and water daily,” Drunken Jack’s website reads.

The goats spend the winter months at Osprey Marina, which has a nice area for them to graze and roam, according to the website.

“Not a bad life for a goat! Don’t worry, if we have any major hurricane threats we take them off the island, so they can evacuate as well,” the website reads.

Such was the case last fall during Hurricane Florence as the goats were evacuated to a farm off S.C. 707 to ride out the storm. They were also removed from the island, which sits behind Drunk Jack’s and Bubba’s Love Shak, during Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Volunteers from the Murrells Inlet Fishing Charters attempt to capture goats on "Goat Island" as Hurricane Irma nears landfall in 2018.

The goats are accompanied by peacocks, which were put on the island in the summer of 2006. Other animals swoop in at times to add to the allure of Mother Nature.

“This always makes for a great conversation piece while you are enjoying your time at Drunken Jack’s Restaurant,” the website reads.

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