'Nobody wants less penis': Men with bloodstained crotches protesting at MB stop light

Half a dozen men dressed in white with bloodstained crotches walked around the intersection at U.S. 17 and Mr. Joe White Avenue on Wednesday.

The Bloodstained Men, a national organization against genital mutilation, held signs that read statements like "Circumcision destroys 16+ functions" and "Stop cutting baby penis."

The group is making its rounds through the Carolinas, starting and ending in Charlotte over the next month.

"Nobody wants less penis," said Harry Guiremand, a press spokesperson for the organization. "Everybody has a right to their own bodies. The boys of course are helpless, they can't speak for themselves."

Savannah Messer, a local mother to a son and daughter, stands at the intersection of Mr. Joe White Avenue and U.S. 17, protesting circumcision on Wednesday. Hannah Strong hstrong@thesunnews.com

Local mothers also showed up for the protest with their babies, holding signs and speaking to people in vehicles stopped at red lights.

"It's illegal to do it to females," said Savannah Messer, a Myrtle Beach resident and mother to a son and daughter. "Why should you be able to do it to a male?"

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