Myrtle Beach ranked as one of the 'fattest' cities in America

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Hey, Myrtle Beach. There's not a nice way to say this, but we're fat.

At least that's what a new WalletHub report claims. The study ranks the Myrtle Beach area as 2018's 29th fattest metropolitan area in the United States.

Source: WalletHub

Other areas in South Carolina made the fattest-cities list, too. The Columbia, Greenville, Anderson and Mauldin metro areas were in the top 20. 

Charleston is a little less fat than Myrtle Beach is, but not by much. It's ranked 32 on the list. 

In order to determine the "fattest cities in America," the personal finance website compared 100 of the most populated U.S. metro areas across three key dimensions which are:

  1. Obesity and overweight
  2. Health consequences
  3. Food and fitness

WalletHub then evaluated those dimensions using 18 indicators of weight-related issues, including how many people were overweight, diabetic, had high cholesterol, were physically active and had access to healthy food.

The report lists Little Rock, Ark. as the fattest city in America, with the healthiest people living in the Portland, Wash. area, as it ranks 100 on the list.

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