Town of Surfside Beach's mayor getting a raise

The Sun News file photo
The Sun News file photo jbell@thesunnews.com

The mayor for the Town of Surfside Beach is officially getting a raise.

During a town council meeting Tuesday night, council members voted on whether Mayor Bob Child's salary would increase to $9,600 annually. The mayor has been paid $7,200 for more than 25 years.

"We talked about increasing the mayor’s salary during a workshop last week," Councilor Julie Samples said during the meeting. "We’re increasing it by $2,400 annually. It is about the position of mayor, and I strongly support this change in salary."

The mayor's salary has not been changed since 1992. Councilman David Pellegrino said the mayor in 2006 had the opportunity to increase his salary, but decided not to.

Three council members voted against the raise, Tim Courtney, Ron Ott and Randle Stevens.

"I have respect for the mayor, but the amount of the increase is what I have a problem with," Courtney said. "And to be fair, we can’t pay our police officers, but we’re bumping up our mayor’s salary. I’m just a little concerned about the amount being a little too high."

Stevens agreed, saying that projects such as the pier and U.S. 17 should be priorities over the mayor's raise.

Childs did not speak on the increase during the meeting.