This 'world famous' team was just added to the Myrtle Beach air show

The "world famous" GEICO Skytypers Air Show Team will be performing across Grand Strand skies with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels next month.

The Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show will be held April 28 and 29 at the Myrtle Beach International Airport. More than 80,000 people are expected to attend the air show, which organizers hope will become an annual event, according to a press release.

The GEICO Skytypers Air Show Team will be performing their demonstration in six authentic WWII-era aircraft.

"The SNJs flown by our team were originally used as training aircraft for WWII and Korean Conflict pilots," Team Flight Lead Larry Arken said in the release. "During our air show performances, we are able to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of these vintage warbirds on behalf of our sponsor, GEICO. "

The team will be flying six SNJs powered by 600-horsepower Pratt and Whitney engines that can perform all of the maneuvers of a fighter plane, but at lower speeds, the release explains.

During the performance, the team will literally "skytype" giant messages in the sky, hence the team's name. When conditions are appropriate, the aircraft can ascend to 9,500 feet in the sky to spell out messages that are 1,000 feet tall, according to the release.

"Because the messages are taller than the Empire State Building, they are visible for 15 miles in any direction, and can generate 20-25 characters in less than 2 minutes utilizing a patented program to generate smoke releases at timed intervals," the release states. "The typing speed is 17 times faster than traditional skywriting. As such, viewers are often drawn in to guess words as they are formed, similar to playing 'Wheel of Fortune' style games."

The Blue Angels will be headlining the show and the complete performer line-up will continue to be announced in the weeks leading up to the event.