Myrtle Beach releases body cam from McDonald's viral video

Myrtle Beach officials on Friday afternoon released body camera footage from the police officer involved in a viral video shot at an area McDonald's.

The video shows the entire interaction after the officer arrives at the 220 N. Kings Highway fast-food establishment.

Earlier this week, Yossi Gallo posted a video on Facebook from inside the store. In the video, Gallo and a homeless man are being ousted by employees and the Myrtle Beach police officer. In the recording, Gallo says he brought the homeless man into the restaurant to buy him a meal. However, the MBPD previously stated the man has been warned numerous times to leave the property after allegedly asking people for money.

The video has more than 68 million views online and thousands of comments.

The body camera footage shows that when the officer arrives she is told by an employee that the homeless man harassed people in the drive-thru. Towards the end of the footage, a McDonald's employee is seen giving a bag to the homeless man so he can take his food with him as he leaves.

The 911 call to police also stated that the homeless man was asking for money in the drive-thru.

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