Here's what to know if you're voting on the tourism development fee in NMB

The Sun News file photo
The Sun News file photo

North Myrtle Beach residents will have their opportunity to voice their opinions on whether or not the Tourism Development Fee will be passed in city limits.

The TDF, a 1-percent sales tax that goes mainly toward out-of-area marketing, will be decided by voters on Tuesday, March 6, after city council chose to put the decision up to a referendum.

The tax is applied while shopping and eating at a restaurant, and would run for 10 years if passed.

By law, 80 percent of the tax must go to out-of-state marketing. That means that 20 percent can be used for tax rebates, but at least 4 percent must be used for the rebates. The rest of the money can go back to the city.

In North Myrtle Beach, if the tax is passed the city plans to give 80 percent of the tax to the chamber, 16 percent will go to the city and 4 percent will be used for tax rebates.

This means residents would get back roughly $71 in tax rebates, based on a home worth $350,000. The remaining money would be used for new infrastructure including parking, City Manager Mike Mahaney said.

To vote, registered voters will use the same polling places as they did for municipal elections, city spokesman Pat Dowling said.

Here's a list of the polling places:

  • Windy Hill 1 Precinct - Windy Hill Fire Station #3 (33rd Avenue South)
  • Windy Hill 2 Precinct - Fire Station #5 (Barefoot Resort - 4740 Barefoot Resort Bridge Road)
  • Crescent Beach Precinct - J. Bryan Floyd Community Center (1030 Possum Trot Road)
  • Ocean Drive 1 Precinct - Fire Station #1 (2nd Avenue South)
  • Ocean Drive 2 Precinct - St. Stephens Episcopal Church (11th Avenue North)
  • Cherry Grove 1 Precinct - Chapel By The Sea Church (Sea Mountain Highway)
  • Cherry Grove 2 Precinct - Fire Station #4 (Little River Neck Road)

Polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.