How much of a raise could North Myrtle Beach city employees see?


Employees for the City of North Myrtle Beach could soon see an increase in their paychecks if city council votes to give all full-time employees a 4-percent raise.

City Manager Mike Mahaney proposed the potential increase during their budget retreat Tuesday morning.

"We put a lot on our employees," said Mayor Marilyn Hatley. "We put a lot of responsibilities on our employees. He was explaining that we need to raise our salaries to be competitive in the workforce and so that's why he is recommending that we do a 4-percent raise."

The raise would exclude any city council appointed employees including the city manager, city attorney and city judge, Hatley said.

Hatley did put an emphasis on the police and fire departments, which intermix, meaning that police officers often do the work of a fire fighter and vice versa.

"We put a lot of extra work on our police force during bike weeks and festivals and that kind of stuff, but it doesn't just affect the police and fire department," Hatley said.

"It also affects the public works department, the recreation department, but several departments are affected during those events and they work very hard and are willing to work very hard for these extra events," she said. "They deserve to be paid for those extra events also."

However, some council members questioned the potential raises asking about the cost of the proposal.

Members did not reach a conclusion on whether or not the raises would be passed in the budget, but city spokesman Pat Dowling said the current potential budget does account for the raises.

Dowling said members will hold a first reading in April and will ultimately approve a budget in May.