North Myrtle Beach businesses could see new rules for temporary tents

Businesses in North Myrtle Beach could soon see more flexibility for when they can set up temporary tents on their properties if city council passes new rules.

Currently, tents can be put up outside of businesses for seven days once a quarter. Now, council members are proposing that tents can be set up for two weeks twice a year with at least 30 days in between.

"The city manager was approached and council members were approached at the last meeting as well to maybe create a different approach to that because they really don't need it during the winter and early spring months," said Pat Dowling, city spokesman. "They would prefer to have more time to put out a display during the primary tourist season."

Dowling said city council did not make a final decision on the tents, but an ordinance will be put on the city council agenda within the next few weeks.

"I know why we did it is because at one time every business was throwing up a tent without a permit or something every week," said North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley. "It became very junky looking. And if it's abused, we can go back. We have businesses say it would help them tremendously, and I don't have a problem with that. If it becomes a nuisance, we'll change it back."