A bird? A plane? No! A Wienermobile is in town

It takes two people to operate — one person to drive and the other to wave.

It's the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

The large hotdog is making its way around the Myrtle Beach area this week. It's one of six other Wienermobiles in the country, and it specifically travels around the southeast.

"People go crazy to see the Wienermobile," said Sammi Manning, a "hotdogger," or brand ambassador. "You name it, the Wienermobile has probably been there."

Manning and Alexandra Klar, also a hotdogger, take turns driving the six-seat vehicle. They had to train for two weeks and are required to follow Department of Transportation laws while driving the big dog.

"I get to make people's day," Klar said. "I get to make them smile. What can top that?"

The Wienermobile is loaded with a flat-screen television, a speaker system inside and outside, mustard squiggles on the floor and a sunny sky on the roof inside. And the gas mileage is comparable to a large SUV, Manning said.

Thursday was the last day to check out the hot dog. 

Though the Wienermobile doesn't serve up hot dogs, it does have a horn with the jingle, "I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener."

Since 1936, Wienermobiles have cruised around the country. The first mobile was driven by "Little Oscar," according to the Oscar Mayer site. It made appearances in parades, visited hospitals and grocery store openings. Hotdoggers are now recruited or may apply for the one-year-only position. They stay in hotels around the country and visit a new city each week.