She was born in Myrtle Beach 42 years ago. Now she’s looking for her birth parents

A 42-year-old woman adopted days after being born in Myrtle Beach is in search of her birth parents.

Kerry Kurtz Tucker, born Jan. 27, 1976, was adopted by a couple in Alexandria, Virginia, and while she said she had a great life with her adoptive parents, who have both passed away, she wants to find her biological parents to maybe reconnect and to learn her medical history.

Her adoptive father passed away in 2003, and her adoptive mother died in 2009.

“When we still had them, we were perfectly happy,” Tucker said. “It didn’t really matter all that much at that point, but now that I’m older, and I don’t have them, and then I have three children and everything, it … would be nice to know,” .

She posted a Facebook photo two days before her 42nd birthday, holding a message for people to pass on in hopes of reaching her birth parents.

So far, that message has had nearly 12,000 shares on Facebook. One of her latest efforts to find her birth parents also included taking an Ancestry DNA kit. She said she should get the results in the next several weeks, and is hopeful it could help her find her family.

“I’m hoping through social media, and when I get my ancestry results and stuff, I’ll be able to find something out,” Tucker said.

Tucker, who is currently a nurse living in Iowa, said her adoption was closed and private, and she hasn’t been able to find out details.

She said she also has two siblings who were adopted, and her adopted brother recently found his entire birth family within a day after getting results from an Ancestry DNA kit.

Tucker said as she waits she’s excited and nervous, but trying not to get her hopes up too high.

“It’s exciting, but it’s nerve-racking. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. I understand that I might not find anything out,” she said.

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