New gym coming to North Myrtle Beach this spring

Kettlebells sit on the rack at the ISI Elite Training gym in Myrtle Beach.
Kettlebells sit on the rack at the ISI Elite Training gym in Myrtle Beach. jbell@thesunnews.com

ISI Elite Training is expanding again.

ISI – which stands for “Iron Sharpens Iron” from a Bible verse – is opening a new gym in North Myrtle Beach sometime this spring.

“We’re aiming for March,” said Matt Junghans, Director of Coaching for ISI Elite Training. “We don’t want to set a solid date because we’ve had a few setbacks in the past – coding issues and county issues and we haven’t done anything in North Myrtle Beach.”

The company, founded and owned by former Coastal Carolina baseball player Adam Rice, opened its first location in fall of 2013 in Myrtle Beach. The North Myrtle Beach location will be the fifth in the area as ISI also has gyms in Aynor, Conway and Garden City.

The new location will be just off U.S. 17 next to Breakers Fitness.

Junghans said that ISI ownership considers several factors when looking at opening a new location, including surveying the community to find folks who are dedicated to getting healthier.

“There’s no real exact factors,” Junghans said. “It’s just a matter of feeling it, knowing that it’s the right market and the people we have are there.”

ISI specializes in individual workouts that cater to different levels of athleticism to fit the needs of all different types of clients, Junghans said.

“One thing that we do that’s different from most gyms – so, different from a like a Planet Fitness or those kind of big-box gyms, franchise gyms – is we make sure we know or have a grasp on every member,” he said. “I call it like a bar atmosphere, like a Cheers atmosphere, so when they walk in it’s, you know, ‘hey, Susie,’ ‘hey, Mike.’ 

Aside from workouts, ISI keeps tabs on its members to make sure they stay on track, whether that means helping them through a tough time that is outside of the training realm or any other challenges in life.

“If that can help them get them back on track to help them get their health goals right, get them healthier, get them happier, get their confidence up, we’re willing to do everything we have to do to help those people feel better and look better and overall just be healthier,” Junghans said.

The original Myrtle Beach ISI that was off Waccamaw Boulevard has moved into a new location at 4007 Belle Terre Boulevard near Forestbrook.

“That one’s state of the art, brand new, built from the ground up,” Junghans said. “It’s immaculate.”

Soon to have its fifth location, ISI will broaden its reach with a goal to promote health and wellness.

“What sets us apart more than anything, I believe, is the factor of accountability,” Junghans said. “Everybody, you know, [says] ‘I want to go the gym’ and then two weeks later they quit. We don’t let you quit. We’re going to make sure you come. One of our things is, show up and we’ll take care of the rest.”

For prices and more information, visit www.isielitetraining.com.

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