Woman accused of attempted murder of baby alleges abuse from husband

The woman accused of putting her baby in a trash bag and throwing the newborn in a dumpster alleged on Tuesday that her husband had abused and harmed her when they were together.

Shelby Taylor – who is accused of attempted murder of her child – took the stand for nearly an hour in a back and forth with defense and prosecutors in which she continuously fought back tears while answering questions.

When defense attorney Dean Mureddu asked if her husband Patrick Taylor had abused or harmed her in the past, she said “yes” while also stating that she had never reported it and no one knew “until now.”

Taylor had previously said she hid the pregnancy from her husband and added Tuesday that “he didn’t want us to [have another child] at the time.”

She also confirmed that she originally told police that Patrick Taylor was a “good husband” before changing course. When asked by a prosecutor if she had been truthful to the police Shelby Taylor said no. “Not at that time, no,” she said.

“I was protecting my husband at the time,” Shelby Taylor said, while also stating that she was in denial of the pregnancy happening.

Prosecutors made a point to put a spotlight on the changes in her statements. In addition to the reversal in her characterizations of Patrick Taylor, Shelby Taylor also admitted to having said she didn’t have her family’s support during the time of the pregnancy before later saying that she indeed did.

She said that she “was in denial” about the second pregnancy and didn’t want to tell her family about it because she had been lectured after her first child was born out of wedlock.

Shelby Taylor said that in the wee hours of April 9, 2015 she started having pain in her stomach and made more than 50 trips to the bathroom before realizing she was in labor. She admitted from the stand that once the child was born she put it in a bag and discarded it in the outside dumpster downstairs from the apartment.

She said that while she was in labor she didn’t attempt to wake up her husband because she was “scared of him,” and she said did not attempt to call anyone else.

In her first interview with police – a recording that was played in court Monday – Shelby Taylor is heard calmly denying knowing anything about the baby and joking with police. But after detectives talked with her husband, she broke down and admitted to hiding the pregnancy and putting the baby in the dumpster, according to audio recordings played for the judge in court Monday.

Shelby Taylor said that in the nearly three years since the incident she has been consistently going to counseling and that she is “very” sorry for what happened. Prosecutors questioned whether she had stopped going to counseling a month into it, which Shelby Taylor denied.

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