That ‘potential tropical storm’: What to know through Tuesday morning

The potential Tropical Storm Irma is here. Here’s what you may need to know through the night and into Tuesday morning.

The storm is moving northeast at 12 mph according to the National Hurricane Center and will move along the Grand Strand Monday night and be out of the area by Tuesday afternoon.


Wilmington Graphic1
Courtesy, National Weather Service

Myrtle Beach is expected to receive between 5 and 7 inches of rain through 8 a.m. Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Conway and Georgetown are forecast to get between 3 and 5 inches.


With the rain comes flooding.

There’s a flash flood watch in place for Horry and Georgetown counties, and a flood warning for the Waccamaw river in Conway, where Reeves Ferry boat landing flooded Monday.

The Waccamaw River hit 10.34 feet Monday night. Flood stage for the river is 11 feet and the river is forecast to hit 11.9 feet sometime Wednesday night, according to the weather service.

Wilmington Graphic1
Courtesy, National Weather Service

There’s a high risk of inland flooding along parts of the Grand Strand, with low-lying areas and retention ponds being particularly at-risk, according to the weather service. Driving may become particularly hazardous as roads become flooded.

It only takes a foot of rushing flood water to sweep away a small car, according to Horry County Fire Rescue, which is urging drivers to use caution and seek alternate routes.


Courtesy, National Weather Service

It’s gonna blow.

Winds could gust up to 35 mph in Myrtle Beach and 40 mph in Little River according to the weather service.

Gusts could reach up to 29 mph in Conway and 30 mph in Georgetown.


There’s a marginal risk of tornadoes along the Grand Strand Monday night.

That risk will shift to North Carolina on Tuesday as the storm travels northeast.

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