Finalist offers tips for those coming to Myrtle Beach to audition for American Idol (Video)

Any child who's ever stood in front of the mirror singing into a hairbrush microphone will get their chance to make dreams come true next week in Myrtle Beach.

The "American Idol" audition bus will make one of its 11 stops on a nationwide tour July 17 on the former Pavilion lot on Ocean Boulevard between Eighth and Ninth Avenues in Myrtle Beach.

Music star wannabes can begin lining up at 6 a.m., while auditions take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

However, someone with some inside knowledge suggests showing up a bit earlier.

"You're going to wait in line for a long time," said Elise Testone, a former Coastal Carolina student who finished sixth during the show's 11th season. "You're going to have to show up two hours earlier than when you need to be there.

"You're going to meet people who are singing 24/7 and you can't even hear yourself think."

Susan Phillips, with the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, has said the chamber and the show’s producers selected the site because it’s near the beach and has ample parking in the garage at the corner of Ninth Avenue North and Kings Highway.

Phillips previously said she expects about 500 to show up to audition. With such a number, and possibly more, one might think the odds are just too great to make it.

Testone, however, said no matter the number, having confidence in yourself is key for those who hope to move forward.

"I believe that once you see a vision of what you want, you can achieve it," Testone said. "I noticed that in the audition process that people who were the most nervous before their audition and if they were all day just depressed and not feeling good about themselves, they never made it.

"So whatever you project is what they're going to see ... that's how they're going to see you."