Boil water advisory issued for Georgetown residents

Georgetown city water residents should boil their water as a precaution after a water main break, officials said Wednesday.

The service line broke Tuesday and resulted in loss of pressure and service to many of the city’s water customers, officials said in a release.

Customers are advised to boil their water until further notice.

Water for drinking or cooking should be brought to a full boil for a minimum of 1 minute and returned to the proper temperature before use, officials said in the release. This includes water used for brushing teeth, making ice, washing raw foods, preparation of drinks, and water for pets. You should throw away ice made during the time the advisory or notice was issued.

There has been no confirmed contamination of the system, but as a result to the loss of pressure, the potential for contamination exists, according to the release. The city is taking precautionary measures including properly testing for contamination. This advisory will exist until further notice, but for a minimum of 24 hours. The City expects to get the testing results by 9 p.m. Wednesday that could allow a repeal of the advisory.