Saturday Swap for the Myrtle Beach area


Donation: I would like to give away an assortment of more than 150 books to a school or organization. Call 399-4800.

Mower: Looking for a used Craftsman 42-inch lawn mower, 917-258514, it doesn’t have to run, I need parts to repair my mower. Call 449-5960 or jjpop9412@juno.com.

Eggs: Anyone know where we can buy fresh farm eggs? Call 546-7240.

Clock: I have a 65-year-old anniversary clock that I would like to give away. It needs some work. Call 215-0230.

TV: I am a senior citizen looking for a TV. Call 347-0832.

Mower: Looking for a reel-type push lawn mower. Call 651-9264.


Music conversions: I convert LP records and cassette audio to CDs. Little River area. Call 281-1261 or Frankinlr@sc.rr.com.