Cue the fireworks: South Carolina deemed the top patriotic state

South Carolina is the most patriotic state in the nation, a real estate research firm has found.

The ranking is based on Movoto Real Estate’s measure of the number of people who Googled for American flags. The state also has the seventh highest veterans per capita, and 16th highest funding for veterans per capita.

Movoto also measured states on national landmarks per capita, veterans per capita, number of residents who voted in the last presidential election, people who Google for American flags, and people who list “America” as an interest on Facebook. (Um, does that include ’Merica?)

Take that, Texas (No. 14). See ya later, California (No. 50), much later. We’re besting North Carolina (No. 3), New Jersey (No. 44) and Ohio (No. 17).

The other most patriotic states are Maine (No. 2); Wyoming (No. 4); Virginia (No. 5); Florida (No. 6); Georgia (No. 7); Alaska (No. 8); Alabama (No. 9); and Arizona (No. 10).

Among the lowest rankings on this survey are Minnesota (No. 49); Rhode Island (No. 48); Vermont (No. 47); and Hawaii (No. 46).

For the full ranking and results, visit the Movoto Real Estate blog.

From Staff Reports