UPDATE: Don’t set off fireworks in Myrtle Beach

It might be hard to tell with all of the random pops and bangs you’ll hear for the next week or so, but setting off fireworks in Myrtle Beach is against the law.

Those wishing to set off fireworks must apply for special permitting.

Myrtle Beach police received 105 calls for service last year from July 1 to July 7. During that period, officers issued three citations for “possession, sale, use of” fireworks and one for “discharge, use, ignition, etc of fireworks.”

“There will be citations issued [this year],” city spokesman Mark Kruea said. “But we won’t catch everybody.”

The fine for being caught with fireworks in Myrtle Beach is $210, according to police spokesman Sgt. David Knipes.

Fireworks are not allowed to be sold, purchased or set off in city limits.

“The places you see selling fireworks are in the unincorporated areas,” Kruea said. Those areas are in Horry County’s jurisdiction, including some locations that are surrounded by city limits.

Fireworks are allowed in Horry County, but there are fireworks-free zones. A county spokeswoman was unable Monday to confirm where the fireworks-free zones are located.