Garden City Beach Golf Cart Parade not happening after all

There won’t be an official Garden City Beach Fourth of July golf cart parade after all.

It’s organizer, Karen Davis, announced it’s cancellation last week because the parade, which boasted nearly 300 golf carts last year, had grown out of control. Resident Dona Lane started working late last week trying to keep it rolling, but said she learned Monday she won’t be able to secure a special event permit because the process takes 45 days.

Lane said there’s no way to speed up the permit on short notice, making it impossible to hold an official parade.

She said she wouldn’t be surprised if people showed up on Friday despite the cancellation, but said if anyone does plan to get on golf carts decorated for Independence Day, all laws of the road must be followed. That includes stopping at stop signs, driving the speed limit and making sure licensed drivers are behind the wheel.

Though Davis and Lane both said they hope the parade returns, the future of the event remains uncertain.