Garden City woman plans to keep Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade rolling

A Garden City Beach woman plans to keep the annual Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade rolling days after learning it was canceled by its event organizer.

Organizer Karen Davis said the event “is on hiatus” this year because it grew too large to be controlled, but Dona Lane said she’s working to take it over.

“When we found out that the woman who was organizing it normally wasn’t going to do it a week before the event we said that’s not happening,” Lane said. “We have a lot of people coming from out of town. It’s a very loved event.”

Lane said she learned about it Friday and everyone she knows in town is disappointed and has been calling her.

“My phone has rang nonstop for a couple days, because I’m the only one with a big enough mouth I guess … to make all the calls in such a short notice,” she said.

As of Saturday, she is still working on the legal side of the parade, including working to get any permits and police that may be required. Lane said she will be making calls to Horry County officials first thing Monday.

Lane said the short notice that came with the parade’s cancellation is frustrating.

“Everybody is in shock,” she said. “It was last minute that the public knew.”

The parade has been held annually since the early 1990s. Lane said she’s been attending for about 20 years and recalls when it was smaller, involving only about 30 to 50 carts.

Last year’s event had 286 carts, Davis said.

One of the biggest issues, Davis said, is the water guns and hoses used by people along the route in Garden City Beach.

“On top of the carts, you have all the bystanders out there with their hoses, hoses with power nozzles, really large water balloons and water guns of all kinds,” she said.

But Lane said that’s part of the tradition and doesn’t think it has caused any problems with residents or participants.