Fourth of July golf cart parade in Garden City canceled

The annual Fourth of July golf cart parade in Garden City Beach is canceled this year, but event organizer Karen Davis hopes it makes a return.

Davis said Friday the event “is on hiatus” because it grew too large to be controlled.

“The crowds were getting out of hand and we had too many carts involved,” she said. “We decided to put it on hiatus to see if we can get it calmed down a little bit.”

Davis said she’s only heard from about a dozen people since deciding to cancel this year’s parade – which she said has been held since the 1990s – and all agreed the event was out of control, she said. Nearly 300 golf carts participated in the parade last year.

One of the biggest issues, Davis said, is the water guns and hoses used by people along the route in Garden City Beach.

“On top of the carts, you have all the bystanders out there with their hoses, hoses with power nozzles, really large water balloons and water guns of all kinds,” she said.

One child fell off a golf cart last year, Davis said. The child was not hurt, but Davis said she was worried the parade was heading down a path that could lead to someone’s injury.

She said she hopes the hiatus will help calm the event down, or that a committee can be formed to better manage it.

“We definitely want to bring it back,” she said. “It’s been a tradition since about 1990. I’m disappointed. But, unless we can get a bigger organization or committee to manage it, it is too much for one or two people.”