Letters | Servant committed to Dist. 5’s needs; Boyd has experience to represent Dist. 5; When did chamber take over Myrtle Beach?

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Servant committed

to Dist.5’s needs

I support Tyler Servant for Horry County Council District 5. If you saw his performance in the WPDE debate or read The Sun News, you probably understand why I’m so enthusiastic about Tyler.

Tyler is committed to infrastructure improvements, like the Southern Evacuation Life Line project and Interstate 73. Tyler has a specific plan for what he wants to do at the county level on these issues. Tyler is dedicated to making the other commitments that it will take to attract the kind of good jobs that sustain communities and families. Tyler has also proven to be the most knowledgeable candidate when it comes to FEMA’s community rating system, and the flood insurance rate savings that can come to our community if we adopt the guidelines and improvements.

Tyler is the kind of person that we always say we want in public office, but rarely find.

Dennis Permenter

Garden City


Boyd’s experience

makes him best choice

Reese Boyd, a candidate for Horry County Council, District 5, has been active in the Republican Party for many years, most recently serving as County Vice Chairman, and has shown himself to those of us who know him to be a man of common sense conservative principles who will be an asset for us on County Council.

Reese has years of experience in business, law and politics. His experience as an aviation lawyer will assist Council in dealing with the complex aviation issues it often must consider. Reese’s experience working as a legal counsel to Gov. Carroll Campbell and his business experience will also serve us well.

Voters should consider the background of each candidate carefully, and choose the candidate who will not be training on the job, but who has the experience and perspective to get to work for District 5 residents on Day 1.

James Carpenter

Myrtle Beach


When did chamber

take over Myrtle Beach?

I read where the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce says it will pay for more police officers for next year's bike rally weeks.

Somehow I always thought the the elected leaders, mayor and city council members, where the ones who were in charge of protecting the citizens of Myrtle Beach.

I must have missed the part where the chamber is now in charge of the city.

Tom Gibbons

Myrtle Beach


Servant has proven

he’s a team player

I’ve known Tyler Servant for most of my life. He and I played baseball together at St. James. I knew early on that Tyler was never going to play baseball in college.

In all seriousness, it was always clear to me that Tyler was one of those people you encounter who wanted to do what was right and help other people. He’s that rare combination of a listener and a doer. He understands how blessed we are to live in such a wonderful place. I sincerely believe that he sees keeping it that way as a personal responsibility.

Even though Tyler’s a leader, he understands that a successful County Council is a team effort. I know a little something about working together as a team, and I know a lot about Tyler Servant. Electing him to represent District 5 is a home run.

Tanner English

Murrells Inlet