Letter | Fixing VA system not as tough as some make it sound

Sending a couple investigators to a Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital does not get the problem solved of getting proper health care for military veterans.

Calling in VA department heads and ordering them to eliminate automated answering services at hospitals, hire some good intake clerks that answer phone calls and set up appointments to determine medical eligibility — and schedule appointments with doctors who are available to administer treatment to each veteran would go a long way towards fixing the problem.

What is so difficult about that?

Pres. Obama thinks every problem that comes along is some kind of learning issue for him – rather than providing guidance and direction to get the problem solved, which is why he should resign from office and let someone more qualified manage the country’s affairs.

I, too, tried to get an appointment with a Veterans Administration Hospital (in Fayetteville, N.C.) only to be put on hold on the telephone answering machine with a forced music program for over an hour on two separate occasions with no person ever responding.

The writer lives in Loris.