Paper ballot discrepancy changes outcome of two Horry County races

There is a discrepancy with about 525 paper absentee ballots from Horry County elections Tuesday, according to Lisa Bourcier, public information director for the county.

Election results Wednesday were unofficial, and officials were going over results to ensure they are correct, Bourcier said. Officials are working with the State Elections Commission to determine exactly what caused the discrepancy.

The commission told the county to hand enter the paper absentee ballot results so they could get a correct report, which resulted in a change to the outcome of two races, County Council District 5 and House District 58, Bourcier said. District 5’s run-off will be between Reese Boyd III and Tyler Servant, and there will be no run-off for District 58, as the race went to Jeff Johnson.

The candidates affected have been contacted by the Horry County Elections Office, and this will be finalized at the certification hearing tomorrow, she said. The election results in the other races did have very slight changes but only affected the final outcome of County Council District 5 and House District 58.