Newsmakers | State Commander joins VFW Post in Calabash, N.C.

VFW Calabash Post 7888 now boasts having the new North Carolina VFW State Commander among its members. Jack Goin, who served as Post Commander from 2006 through 2008 and later served several positions in the Department of North Carolina VFW, takes over the reins as Commander of the Department of North Carolina effective June 8.

Goin calls it an honor to represent all veterans in North Carolina. His wife Barbara, though, recalls the day when he retired from his career with Consolidated Edison in New York he said, “I’ll never run for an elected position again.” It appears he changed his mind about that.

As State VFW Commander he vows to have Posts throughout the state reach out to recruit younger veterans of our nation’s wars for membership because they’re the future of the VFW.

A Marine with service in Vietnam in 1966 through 1968, Goin is all about veterans at all levels and is always willing to seek lawmakers’ support whether it be in Raleigh or Washington, D.C. He says “we fought for our country to keep it free, we took an oath and we kept it. Our government must stand by their oath to provide all veterans the benefits they so proudly earned.”

As one might expect from a Marine, his theme as Commander of the VFW in North Carolina is “Semper Fidelis to All Veterans.”