Myrtle Beach notebook | Take your horse for a ride on the beach

From the third Saturday in November through the end of February, people can take their horses to the beach for a ride.

No permit is required but riders and horses must follow some rules.

No more than six horses and riders can ride in a single group at one time. You are not allowed to ride on or across any sand dunes. To get your horse to the beach, you must go through Myrtle Beach State Park.

Horse trailers can not be staged or parked in the public right-of-way. And all riders are required to clean up after their mounts in all areas landward of the mean high tide line.

So how many people take advantage of this allowance?

Myrtle Beach spokesman Mark Kruea said since there is no permitting process, there’s no way to know how many horses stroll down the beach during the allowed time period.

“I know we do have people who take their horses out,” he said, adding that most of the people who take part are horse owners.

Kruea said that even though the annual Heart Association Beach Ride typically occurs a few weeks before the allotted window, many tourists he’s spoken with plan their trips around the event because they like to see the horses on the beach.

When asked about the need for a six-horse limit, Kruea said it’s more common to see a group of people on horses than someone on their own.

“It’s more fun to ride with a group than to be a lone ranger,” Kruea said.

Crow Lane closed for sewer service installation

The construction began Monday, but traffic on Crow Lane from Farrow Parkway to Putnam Drive will be closed through Wednesday.

The road is closed to install a new sewer service line for residential construction underway along Farrow Parkway. There is a possibility that the construction could end sooner.

Keep an eye out for detours, which are posted to direct traffic.

Santa to stop by your neighborhood

The Myrtle Beach Fire Department will escort Santa Claus through the city’s neighborhoods on Sunday, as he gears up for his worldwide trip on Dec. 25.

Grab the kids and head out to visit with Santa and the firefighters as he makes his way through your neighborhood. He’ll be out between noon and 4 p.m.

For more information on the tour, call Lt. Christian Sliker at 918-1221.