Missing dog Sadie reunited with Carolina Forest owner

Carolina Forest resident Brent Carr had a reason to celebrate on Thursday; his beloved dog Sadie was located after she had been missing since Thanksgiving Day.

Carr said Sadie, a female boxer, was found Thursday morning in the Ashford neighborhood, which is across from Carolina Forest on West Perry Road.

Sadie walked out of the woods in the Ashford community and came to rest on a woman’s front porch as the woman was sipping her coffee, Carr said. The resident recognized the dog from flyers put up around the area and contacted her owner.

“I asked her about 25 questions before I went over there,” Carr said. He said since Sadie wandered off, he guesses he’s received as many as 10 calls a day from people thinking they’d spotted her.

Sadie had lost 18 pounds and had lots of scrapes and cuts from bushes, but otherwise received a clean bill of health after being examined by a veterinarian.

From there, it was over to Pet Smart to buy Sadie lots of toys and food. There wasn’t much time for doggie snuggles; Carr said Sadie fell asleep at 5 p.m. Thursday and didn’t wake up until 8 a.m. Friday.

Carr’s case helped illustrate the growing importance of Facebook and other social media in finding lost pets.

A few days after Thanksgiving, he posted his plea for help on Facebook and had people from Florida to Maine “liking” his request and sharing it with others.

In less than 24 hours, more than 850 people “liked” his status while hundreds more shared the missing poster.

“I was completely amazed at how many people knew about her,” Carr said Friday.

Sandy Brown, executive director of the Grand Strand Humane Society, previously said the facility changed its Facebook page from a personal one to a business one, allowing more people to “like” the page and help spread the word about missing pets.

People can post photos of their missing animal to the local Humane Society’s Facebook page to get others to be on the lookout for that runaway pooch or kitty.

“They are learning that if they use Facebook and come here that they’re very likely to be reunited,” Brown has said. “We love to reunite parents with their canine and feline children.”