Myrtle Beach stabbing victim identified

Bright yellow police tape cordoned off the back apartment of a house at 407 Chester St. between Fourth and Fifth avenues north in Myrtle Beach, where an early morning stabbing turned into a homicide investigation.

Police charged Herbert Jordan Richardson III, 33, who lives at the address, with murder, according to an arrest report.

Randal Burkett, 50, of Myrtle Beach died from stab wounds that damaged his vital organs, said Horry County Deputy Coroner Darris Fowler.

The neighborhood around the address is filled mostly with older dwellings and homes that have been turned into apartments. Residences are dotted with signs telling trespassers to stay off the property. Others warned of dogs and told passers-by to keep out

A person who emerged from the front apartment of the house where the crime took place covered his head with a hooded sweatshirt and didn’t acknowledge several requests for comment from members of the media gathered across the street Two more men who left a home directly across from the crime scene used expletives to deny interview requests as they sauntered north.

Another man who came out of a downstairs apartment and strolled across the street to retrieve aluminum cans from the trash the man in the sweatshirt had dumped. He refused to give his full name, but said he was used to seeing police in the neighborhood.

Another woman who lived near the address wouldn’t give her name for fear of her safety, but had just one quick comment: “These people are nuts. No one is gonna talk to you here.”

Richardson pleaded guilty to grand larceny valued more than $2,000 but less than $10,000 in July 2012 according to Horry County records and was sentenced to serve 90 days with credit for time served and to pay court costs.

Staff writer Amanda Kelley contributed to this report.