Saturday Swap for the Myrtle Beach area

Dinnerware: Trying to locate a set or pieces to a set of Mikasa dinnerware, Tanglewood pattern. Call 347-2708.

Military items: Looking for old military bayonets and flare guns. Call 429-2920.

Desk: I have a computer desk to give away. Must pick up. Call 399-3518.

Video tapes: My family movies are on an old video tape format will only play on equipment called Video8 by Sony and Hi-8 by Canon and Sharp. If you have such a camcorder or player, please contact me. In exchange, I can offer a wide choice of audio and video equipment, or I could transfer your older video tapes to DVD video disc archives or audio cassettes to CD compact disc archives. Call 602-3150 or email DLSno1@aol.com.