Guide to Thanksgiving Day meals in Myrtle Beach area

A number of local groups and churches have opened their doors for anyone who wants to share in a Thanksgiving Day feast, most of them for free.

The Georgetown Knights of Columbus Council at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Georgetown will serve dinners for dine-in and takeout 10 a.m.-noon Thursday, and by reservations, deliver meals to residents who lack transportation.

Colin Peterson, the council’s Grand Knight, or president, said the group began serving Thanksgiving meals “in the late 1970s.”

“We cooked a few turkeys and fed a few local families who needed help,” he said.

This tradition has grown through the decades, and the council feeds 500 to 600 every year, Peterson said. The organization somehow finds enough funds every year to keep this gift to the public going.

The council also helps Meals on Wheels, which does not operate on the holiday, but arrangements are made in advance for its delivery of meals, especially to more distant locations, such as Carvers Bay and Pawleys Island.

Peterson said about 60 percent of the holiday council’s dishes are delivered annually.

Kono and Kansas Steak House in Myrtle Beach will have its seventh annual Thanksgiving dinner for everyone.

“Yes, it’s a tradition,” said Jon Bonsignor of Myrtle Beach, a volunteer who has helped dish out the helpings on the holiday for five years, starting at Soho in Myrtle Beach, before the owner, Sam Lauren, moved the meals were moved to his Kono eatery.

Bonsignor called Lauren “very generous” with reaching out to the community.

“The first year I was involved,” Bonsignor said, “people were standing outside the restaurant for a good number of hours before we served the meal.”

He said he anyone who wants to help serve the food is welcome to join the cause, and to call 385-3963 to sign up.

“Last year, we did about 350 meals,” Bonsignor said.