Stakes signal widening of US 501, but timetable unchanged

The red and orange stakes along U.S. 501 between Carolina Forest Boulevard and Gardner Lacy Road mark the boundary of a northbound lane widening project that should begin next spring, according to Travis Patrick, an engineer in S.C. DOT’s Conway office.

The red stakes, he said, mark the edge of the pavement for the third lane and the orange stakes mark the edge of the Department of Transportation’s right of way.

Patrick said he’s not aware of any changes to the original schedule for the widening project.

He said the contracts are to be let in February.

Leah Quattlebaum, DOT project manager, said she expects construction on the northbound lane addition to begin in April and to be completed within 1 1/2 years. She said there are daytime lane restrictions for working on 501 during daylight hours in the summertime.

She said DOT has $1.8 million budgeted for the widening, but believes the cost may go higher.

“But we should be in that range,” she said.

Quattlebaum said the design on widening the southbound lanes is budgeted for 2015 and construction funded to begin in 2018.

While the DOT owns enough right of way on the northbound side so that it won’t have to buy any more for the project, Quattlebaum said the department likely will be buying some right of way for the southbound work because of a different drainage pattern there.