A note to readers from the Publisher

In addition to the news you read every day in the printed edition of The Sun News, our award-winning journalists also break news throughout the 24-hour news cycle online at MyrtleBeachOnline.com.

Today, The Sun News will begin offering subscription packages to readers that include access to digital coverage you can’t find anywhere else.

You probably already know you can find ongoing breaking news reports about what’s happening in our roadways, neighborhoods and town meetings on our website, but you may not know it is also home to a variety of other exclusive features.

Online readers can find videos, photo galleries and databases such as land transactions and government employee salaries. They also have the opportunity to weigh in on civic affairs and other coverage through our online commenting.

If you’re a puzzle and comics fan, online you can find more humor and ways to test your intellect online.

And it is only at MyrtleBeachOnline.com that you can find these popular blogs: the opinion blog by editorial page writer, Dan Golden; columnist Issac Bailey’s blog; Al Blondin’s golf blog; plus blogs on high school sports and Coastal Carolina University sports.

Our new subscription package will also include the E-edition replica of the printed newspaper, available on multiple devices, and various smartphone applications, as well as news alerts delivered directly to your email.

With this move, we join newspapers around the country that have begun packaging all their products under one subscription plan. At MyrtleBeachOnline.com, print subscribers will continue to have free digital access until their subscription renews. Regular digital readers who do not already subscribe will be asked to do so when The Sun News + program officially begins Dec. 5.

We are proud that no one knows the Grand Strand better than The Sun News. For more than 51 years, we have provided news and information useful to your daily life. And as our lives and that news become even more complex, we remain more committed than ever to keeping you informed, not only in print every day but with our always-evolving digital offerings as well.

These new digital options, along with your print subscription, will ensure that you stay atop all of the news and information important to you. For additional information about these new subscription packages, go to MyrtleBeachOnline.com/sunnewsplusfaq.

Mark Webster

President and Publisher

The Sun News