Tinubu accuses Rice of fishy deals

Five days before the election, Democrat Gloria Bromell-Tinubu took another opportunity to accuse 7th Congressional District GOP hopeful of questionable dealings when it comes to the proposed Project Blue economic development effort.

Rice and his camp fired back by calling Tinubu’s tactics mud slinging.

In a press conference held at her Conway office on Thursday afternoon, Tinubu told members of the media that members of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation and contributors and friends of Rice stand to benefit from Project Blue, a proposal that could bring 1,020 jobs to Horry County.

Rice currently serves as chairman of the Horry County Council. A third and final reading on Project Blue won’t take place until the Nov. 13 County Council meeting, at the earliest.

“It was an attempt to use the mantra of jobs, jobs, jobs to create more economic opportunity for friends, friends, friends. That’s what the project really was,” Tinubu said.

Tinubu produced no specific documentation to back up any of her claims, which were similar to those made during the two 7th Congressional District debates.

Before the press conference, Rice said Tinubu’s tactic was nothing more than throwing mud in the hope of seeing what sticks.

“I think she’s desperately behind in the polls,” Rice said

Rice campaign spokeswoman Lee Price came to Tinubu’s campaign office herself to see what was going to be said first-hand. She was asked to leave by a member of Tinubu’s staff before the press conference began.

“We weren’t going to cause a problem, obviously,” Price said.

Rice was at various campaign stops Thursday night, and could not be reached for comment after the press conference.

Price responded to Tinubu’s claims herself by saying the claims are nothing new, as they were brought up in the debates.

“This is the latest example of some last-minute, desperate campaign tactics from a campaign that’s essentially tanking,” Price said.