Georgetown native performs for ‘Made in the Shade’

A Georgetown native will have it made in the shade Saturday for a museum’s annual concert on the lawn.

Kevin Jayroe will return to sing outside the Kaminski House Museum in Georgetown, overlooking the Sampit River. The local interior home consultant for Bienvenue Home, who has performed in theater and revue shows across the United States and Europe, has readied a show for this “Made in the Shade” concert with a blend of hits by Michael Buble, as well as Broadway and Motown songs.

Jayroe said having 300 to 500 people in past concerts has excited him and that he’s right at home by this house built about a decade before the founding of the United States.

Question | When did you first get involved with the historic Kaminski House?

Answer | When I was probably 14 years old, I was a volunteer there. I grew up here. I’ve always known it since I was a child. My family knew the Kaminskis.

Q. | You had given a lawn concert there in 2010, and others beforehand. What’s in the works to make this edition of your tradition stand out?

A. | This is probably my 10th one. I’ve been doing them ... since I was college. I probably did my first one when I was 18. ... This year, I will be doing some more contemporary songs mixed with some Broadway, and maybe some Meat Loaf or Lady Gaga – who knows? And I’ll do a couple of songs that used be country standards, so there will be something that everybody can relate to.

Q. | Playing outside in this riverside scene in your hometown, is the atmosphere more easygoing for you as the performer?

A. | It’s more intimate, because I use the porch as a stage, and I just feel like it’s more intimate to be that way with the people.

Q. | What other most memorable setting around the globe has moved you the most?

A. | I performed in ... the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome. That also was in an intimate setting, when we were in this church. It’s an old basilica in Italy; you could go down seven layers where the church has been built on top of another, each one historical.

Q. | Does being a merchant and doing business every day enhance your reach and connection with an audience?

A. | I think so, because of the way we run our business, just like I would have people into my home. I don’t stand behind the counter. ... That’s what the South is all about. My family has been here since the 1770s. ... When I was in school for design, I was performing then.

Q. | Has any signature song remained ingrained in your shows for audiences?

A. | I always like the powerful, emotional songs from Broadway, such as “Climb Every Mountain” or songs from “The Sound of Music” – songs that are inspirational ... that they genuinely know so they can sing along.

Q. | Anything else revving up your energy to perform this weekend?

A. | The lawn will be beautiful. Have dinner or check out some other events after the concert, stay downtown and go to the Studio of Dance’s “Dancing with the Stars.” ... That’s one thing we try to do, to let people know everything that’s going on. That’s what a community is all about.