Woman jailed after baby left alone in locked vehicle in Horry County Wal-Mart parking lot

A Little River woman was jailed after police said she left her baby in a locked vehicle with the windows rolled up in a Wal-Mart parking lot, according to a police report.

Carolyn Tess Little, 18, was charged with child endangerment after North Myrtle Beach officers were called at 10 p.m. Saturday to Wal-Mart located at 550 N. U.S. 17, police said.

A 29-year-old witness told police that it was brought to her attention that someone had left a baby alone in a car seat inside a locked vehicle that had the windows rolled up, according to the report. The woman called police and waited at the vehicle.

When officers arrived, the witness said she had been there at the car and the baby had been inside for 45 minutes before an owner came to the vehicle, according to the report. Little told police she came outside after being paged while inside the store.

Little told officers she thought the windows were down and that she had considered taking the baby inside, but decided not to do so, according to the report. The temperature outside at the time was 81 degrees.

The child was released to its grandfather and Little was taken into custody by police. She was released Sunday on $5,000 bail.