He texted his graduation pictures to the wrong number, but ‘the response was legit’

It’s easy to send a text message to the wrong number, and one recent college graduate did just that—but in return received an uplifting response.

Coastal Carolina University graduate Justin Campbell (@YoungGus10), tweeted Saturday “Accidentally sent these pics to the wrong number yesterday. The response was legit tho. Really made me smile.”

Campbell, 23, sent the photos to Roger Hawkins, a real estate agent in Columbia, S.C., and received an unexpected response.

Hawkins replied with a selfie of himself giving a thumbs-up and said “Congrats fellas the skies the limit!” He also sent a link to a series of motivational speeches.

Campbell said he received Hawkins’ response during the graduation ceremony and was surprised to see the picture.

“Me and the two guys next to me were laughing that’s when I responded ‘my guy,’” Campbell added.

The tweet has had over 32,000 shares and 93,000 likes as of Tuesday morning.

“When [Hawkins] texted back with ‘the skies the limit’ and the link I was like ‘wow this is awesome,’” Campbell said.

Campbell said he thinks the two will continue to stay in touch.

Michaela Broyles, 843-626-0281, @MichaelaBroyles